Asset Protection Planning Services Near Me

Asset Protection Planning Services Near Me

Asset Protection Planning Services Near Me

Asset Protection Planning Services Near Me

You’ve worked hard for everything you have, and you want to make sure that your assets stay in your family for years to come. Which is why when you’re planning for the future and developing a smart financial strategy, you need to consider asset protection planning, too. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we make asset protection planning easy by providing the “asset protection planning services near me” that you’ve been looking for. To get in touch with one of our professionals today, call us at your convenience or send us a message online.

What Is Asset Protection Planning?

Asset protection planning is a type of financial strategy that attempts to protect one’s assets from creditor claims, civil liability due to a divorce or another lawsuit, taxation and seizure, and distribution under intestacy laws. Asset protection uses effective, lawful strategies to protect assets and ensure that they remain in a family’s estate. Both individuals and businesses may use asset protection planning.

Strategies for Asset Protection

There are numerous strategies that an individual or a business may use to protect assets from the above things listed, such as distribution in a divorce or being seized by a creditor. Some of these strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Placing assets in a trust, limited liability corporation (LLC), or another type of legal structure, such as a foreign corporation;
  • Creating an estate plan that outlines specifically what you want to happen to your assets so that your assets aren’t subjected to Indiana’s intestacy rules at the time of your death; 
  • Ensuring that assets are held in joint tenancy; and
  • Creating legal documents in advance that help you to protect your assets, such as a prenuptial agreement. 

How a Financial Planner in Indiana Can Aid You in Asset Protection

Asset protection can be complicated and confusing. When you work with the experienced financial professionals at Harvest Wealth Partners, we will skillfully guide you through the various strategies for protecting your assets. We can make recommendations about creating a trust, transferring assets, placing assets in the possession of a legal entity (such as a corporation), and more. We can also guide you through some best practices for asset protection planning, such as beginning the process early, exploring strategies for protecting yourself/your business from legal liability, ensuring that your assets are insured; understanding the role of offshore accounts and foreign corporations; knowing the consequences of bankruptcy and how this may impact your asset protection strategy; and more. We provide financial services related to asset protection for both individuals and businesses. 

Call Our Asset Protection Professionals Today

Your assets mean a lot to you. But without a smart asset protection plan in place, something like a divorce, a financial emergency and bankruptcy, or a lawsuit could have devastating consequences for your assets. To learn more about how to protect your assets, stop your search for “asset protection planning services near me” and call the team at Harvest Wealth Partners directly today. Our team is here to support and advise you as you explore strategies for protecting the things you’ve worked hardest for. 


This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax or legal advice.
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