Employee Benefits Planner Near Chesterton 

Employee Benefits Planner Near Chesterton

For business owners throughout Chesterton, Indiana and the surrounding areas, employee retention is more important—and more challenging—than ever before. One thing that can make your business more competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees is to offer robust employee benefits. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, our employee benefits planner near Chesterton can help your business put into place a comprehensive, affordable employee benefits plan that works for you. Call us today to learn more about how we can help. 

Common Types of Employee Benefits

Each business offers different types of benefits. What you decide to offer may depend on the type of employee you hire (full-time or part-time), the education and skill level of the employees you hire, your business budget, and your business culture. Some common types of employee benefits that are offered include:

  • Medical benefits. Nearly all employers today offer at least some form of medical benefit for their employees. Some employers pay premiums in full; others offer a discounted rate to join an employer plan.
  • Disability and life insurance benefits. Another important benefit that many employers offer is that of insurance—specifically, disability and life insurance coverage. Employees may opt-in to this coverage, often by paying a small amount out of their paycheck each pay period. 
  • Retirement benefits. Offering a strong retirement plan, such as a matching 401(k) option, can be a great way to attract employees.
  • Paid leave. Many employers offer generous paid leave, including both vacation time, sick leave, and family leave. 
  • Fringe benefits. Depending on what you want for your employees, you may offer other benefits, such as transit reimbursement benefits, wellness benefits, and more. 

Value of Offering Employee Benefits

Offering employees benefits can be a great way to let your employees know that you value them, attract the best employees, improve company morale, and improve employee retention. Of course, you may want to offer more employee benefits, but are concerned about whether doing so is affordable for your company. This is where our employee benefits planner near Chesterton comes in. 

Our Employee Benefits Planning Services Near Chesterton

When you work with our employee benefits planner, we’ll provide personalized attention and services that are aimed at:

  • Understanding your goals for an employee benefit program
  • Understanding any limitations to implementing an employee benefit program
  • Diving deep into your budget
  • Crunching the numbers based on number of employees, project growth, etc. 
  • Providing you with a variety of different options for implementing an employee benefit program that meets your goals and budget 

Call Harvest Financial Planning, LLC Today

If you want your business to be more competitive and more likely to attract and retain the best employees, then you need to think seriously about implementing a robust employee benefit program. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, our employee benefits planner near Chesterton can help. To learn more about our services and what to expect from our team, call us directly today. We have experience working with businesses throughout Chesterton and the surrounding areas of the state.

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