Financial Advisor Portage

Financial Advisor Portage

Financial Advisor Portage

Financial Advisor Portage

While it’s not something anyone likes to dwell on, the old adage is true–money does make the world go ‘round. And in Portage and the surrounding areas of Indiana, not having enough money to support yourself and your standard of living can be devastating. As you think about your financial future and options for making smart financial decisions, our financial advisor, Portage, can help. To learn more about our Portage financial advisors and the services we provide, please call Harvest Wealth Partners today. 

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

A financial advisor provides a range of services in an effort to help clients better manage their money. These services include retirement planning services, including understanding how much money one might need for retirement, different types of retirement savings accounts, the age at which it makes the most financial sense to retire, etc.; investment planning services and navigating the differences between securities, mutual funds, bonds, etc.; private wealth strategies and asset protection planning services; pension plan services; insurance planning services; and more. A financial advisor can help you to make smart investment decisions, understand how much money you’ll need for your life goals, such as buying a home or saving for your child’s college, and more. A financial advisor can also help you to understand investment basics and can make recommendations about how to potentially grow your money over time. 

Do I Really Need to Work with a Portage Investment Advisor?

Working with a financial advisor is a personal choice but, in most cases, it’s a smart financial decision. Even if you are good at budgeting and saving, there are specifics of retirement planning and making investments that only an experienced professional may be able to shed light on. Working with a financial advisor and allowing someone else to manage your money also allows you to focus on other things in your busy life, taking the pressure off and providing comfort and financial confidence that your finances are being objectively managed. 

Additionally, when you work with a financial advisor at Harvest Wealth Partners, you get to decide how involved you want your financial advisor to be. You can work with your financial advisor to get advice and help you make decisions while you remain in primary control of your accounts, or you can ask your financial advisor to be more involved in managing your funds and making investment decisions. Our team takes a customized, personalized approach to each client we work with to design a financial plan that works for you

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There is no bad time to start thinking about and planning for the future, and the sooner that you start putting away money, the more you are likely to have when you need it. At Harvest Wealth Partners, our trusted team provides comprehensive financial planning services for our clients throughout Portage and the surrounding areas. To schedule a consultation with a financial advisor, Portage, today, please call us directly or send us a message at your convenience. Initial consultations are always offered free of charge.


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