Financial Planning in Lake County IN

Financial Planning in Lake County IN

For many people, managing money is more of a source of anxiety and discord than it is comfort and peace of mind. Indeed, statistics show that about one-third of Americans are constantly stressed about money and that financial issues are a leading cause of divorce. When you choose to invest in financial planning in Lake County, IN, you make a choice to invest in yourself and your financial future. Creating a financial plan may provide you with the tools and information you need to work towards your financial goals. Call our financial planners today to learn more. 

Financial Planning in Lake County, IN

Most people haven’t taken the time to create a financial plan – a comprehensive overview that includes an individual’s or a family’s statement of objectives for short- and long-term financial wellbeing, as well as a savings and investment strategy in order to achieve that goal. Creating a financial plan is something that an individual can do solo; however, working with a skilled professional with experience in the financial industry may offer a significant advantage. 

What’s Included in a Financial Plan?

Remember, a financial plan should be comprehensive. This means that it should account for all of your sources of income as well as your expenses, as well as consider various different investment strategies and events that will affect your finances in the future. The steps of a financial plan include:

  • Calculating your net worth – a combination of all of your assets minus all of your liabilities. 
  • Determining cash flow – this is a recording of where your money is going. 
  • Considering your financial priorities – when do you want to buy a house, have kids, and retire? What other financial priorities do you have? 
  • How can you save and invest to meet your financial goals and priorities? 

The Benefits of Financial Planning in Lake County and Working with a Financial Planner

While you may be able to calculate your net worth without the help of a professional, as well as outline some of your goals that will require money to achieve–like retiring at age 65–where you may struggle is in understanding the savings and investment strategies that will get you there. When you work with a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) from Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, you’ll gain the resource of having a financial professional with years of experience–and a fiduciary duty to you–on your side. A CFP® can help you to understand how much you’ll need for each of the goals you have, how much you need to start saving now, your various investment options and how much each may yield over a given time frame, and more. 

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Navigating your finances on your own can be intimidating. When you call Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, you don’t have to. Our experienced professionals can help you to create a financial plan that’s customized to you. We offer first appointments with our team free of charge and are ready to meet with you at your convenience. Please call us today or send us a message to schedule a meeting and learn more.

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