Investment Advisor St. John 

Investment Advisor St. John 

Investment Advisor St. John 

Investment Advisor St. John

While saving for a rainy day in a savings account isn’t a bad idea, putting away money into savings alone is nearly the equivalent of saving money under a mattress—that money doesn’t have an opportunity to grow unless it’s invested. This is why investing your money is often a better choice than simply saving your money; however, knowing where to invest one’s money isn’t always straightforward. At Harvest Wealth Partners, our investment advisor St. John can answer your questions about investment opportunities and options, and help you make smart and safe investment decisions. Reach out to our team today to learn more. 

Understanding Investment Advisors

Also known as a stockbroker, an investment advisor is a professional or a group that makes investment recommendations in exchange for a fee. When an investment advisor manages enough assets that they are required to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), they are known as a Registered Investment Advisor, or RIA. Another acronym to know is IRA, or Investment Advisory Representative. These professionals are investment advisors who are certified and licensed to work with investment advisory companies, and who provide investment advice to clients, typically while acting in the roles of financial advisors. Investment advisors may also conduct securities analysis, are required to uphold the standards of fiduciary duty when representing clients, and typically charge a fee that’s based on the size/value of a client’s assets. 

Investment Advisor Services

A Registered Investment Advisor may provide a range of services that can be customized based on a client’s needs. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating investment portfolios for clients that are relevant to each client’s goals and market conditions;
  • Providing ongoing support and information about buying, selling, or holding investments; 
  • Offering advice related to retirement planning; 
  • Monitoring the performance of clients’ investments; and 
  • Providing other financial planning services with the consideration of how investment plans fit into the overall financial plan. 

In addition to investment-specific services, investment advisors may also provide a range of other financial planning services that would mirror the services provided by another financial planning professional, including insurance planning, estate planning, and tax planning. 

Who Should Hire an Investment Advisor?

Understanding investments and the stock market can be extremely confusing. Even planning for retirement in itself and making sense of the various retirement account options and savings plans available can feel overwhelming. When you work with a professional, you take the guesswork out of navigating investments and put your trust in a professional with years of experience. 

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At Harvest Wealth Partners, we are passionate about helping our clients make sound financial decisions that position them favorably for the future. If you have questions about investments, our investment advisor St. John can help. Initial consultations with our team are always offered at no cost, and getting in touch with us is easy. Reach out to us today by phone or online to learn more about our investment services and how we can help you achieve your financial goals. 


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