Investment Advisors Valparaiso 

Investment Advisors Valparaiso 

Investment Advisors Valparaiso 

Investment Advisors Valparaiso

Whatever the plans for your future, one thing is certain: money will surely play a role. While goals, career aspirations, family plans, retirement goals, and more can vary from person to person, everyone wants the confidence and comfort that comes with having financial security. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we know that there are numerous strategies for achieving financial confidence, and believe that a solid investment plan can be part of that. To learn more about how to make smart long-term investments, reach out to our investment advisors representatives in Valparaiso, directly today. 

What Does an Investment Advisor Representative Do?

An investment advisor representative is a trained and registered professional who specializes in understanding investments and making investment recommendations for clients. Registered investment advisor representatives  have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means that they are legally obligated to make recommendations and investment decisions in their clients’ best interests. An investment advisor representative can provide a range of services depending on one’s financial goals and needs, as well as comfort in managing their own investments. Common types of services provided by an investment advisor representative  include:

  • Making investment recommendations;
  • Helping clients distinguish between IRAs, SEP accounts, ROTH IRAs, securities, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment structures; and 
  • Acting on behalf of clients in terms of making investments. 

Two important things to know about investment advisor representatives are: 1) investment advisor representatives typically have some level of discretionary authority. This means that an investment advisor is usually authorized to make certain investment decisions without obtaining prior approval or permission from a client, and 2) investment advisor representatives are paid through a fee structure that links their own income/success to that of their clients’. For example, an investment advisor’s fee may be based on the size of performance of a client’s assets; the better the assets perform, the more the investment advisor may make.

Do I Need to Work with an Investment Advisor Representative in Valparaiso?

While working with an investment advisor representative is a personal choice, investing is something that can be beneficial and strongly recommended for nearly everyone. How much you invest can be based on your financial goals and budget–there is no minimum amount that you have to contribute each month. If you’re on the fence about working with an investment advisor representative, doing so should be considered if you have little knowledge of different investment structures and best practices, you are unclear about how to manage your financial goals (or have yet to even identify your long-term financial goals), Even if you do understand your financial goals and have a plan for achieving them, a trained and experienced investment advisor representative may be able to provide more insight and smarter recommendations. 

Call Our Investment Advisor Representatives in Valparaiso Today

At Harvest Wealth Partners, we want working with one of our investment advisor representatives in Valparaiso, to be comfortable and low-pressure. As such, we always offer initial meetings free of charge so that you can ask questions and learn more before handing over any money. To set up your first appointment with one of our investment advisor representatives, call us directly or send us a message online at your convenience. Our team is here to support you and your financial goals!


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