Northwest Indiana Financial Advisors

Northwest Indiana Financial Advisors

Northwest Indiana Financial Advisors

Northwest Indiana Financial Advisors

For many people, being financially secure can be the difference between a comfortable, convenient life and one that is constantly filled with anxiety about money and stability. While money certainly isn’t everything in life, it can be one of the keys to peace of mind. At Harvest Wealth Partners, our experienced Northwest Indiana financial advisors recognize this and want to provide you with helpful advice that you can use to help your financial independence and wellbeing. Reach out to one of our Northwest Indiana financial advisors for counsel today.

What Does a Northwest Indiana Financial Advisor Do?

The help of a financial advisor can be one asset in your toolbox that you use to improve your financial future. A financial advisor provides a myriad of financial planning services, including:

  • Outlining your goals for the future that involve money, such as buying a home, getting married, having a baby, saving for a child’s college expenses, retirement, and more;
  • Helping you to put a savings plan in place to meet your goals;
  • Retirement planning services;
  • Helping you to develop strategies to paying down debt;
  • Investment advising and management; 
  • Tax planning help; and
  • More.

At Harvest Wealth Partners, we work with businesses and individuals to provide comprehensive services such as retirement planning, 401(k) and mutual fund investment strategy planning, succession and exit strategy planning, business wealth management, and more. We also work with individuals to create plans designed around enhancing personal wealth. 

Do I Really Need to Work with a Financial Advisor?

Working with a financial advisor is a personal choice, and there is no guarantee that doing so will result in a large increase in wealth or financial success; however, financial advisors are trained professionals. In order to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Investment Advisor Representative (IAR), an individual must complete hours of education, training, and experience in the field, as well as pass a comprehensive exam. Those who hold these designations are truly seasoned advisors in their field, and therefore will be able to provide you with advice that you likely wouldn’t come by otherwise. 

Our Personalized Approach

When you choose Harvest Wealth Partners, you’re choosing a company that values you as an individual and understands that your situation is unique. As such, one of our Northwest Indiana financial advisors will work with you one a one-on-one basis to create a financial plan that is customized to your goals. We can be as involved in your wealth management as you like, or provide basic advice and let you handle the rest.

Working with us starts with an appointment where we can discuss your financial objectives in more detail and you can see if we might be a good fit. This initial meeting is offered at no cost to you.

Reach Out to Our Northwest Indiana Financial Advisors Today

If you have questions about how our team can help you or you are ready to take steps towards improving your financial future, please reach out to our team directly by phone or online. Our Northwest Indiana financial advisors are here to serve you.


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.


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