Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Have you prepared for a financially sound future? Do you have a wealth strategy in place? Do you have many investments and need to ensure that it will be in a safe place for generations to come?  If you are looking for a way to safeguard your finances, the financial planning team at Harvest Harvest Wealth Partners will help you.

At Harvest Wealth Partners, a skilled financial planner will go over all those assets with you during your free initial consultation. If you are satisfied with how your initial meeting fared, then the financial planner will create a wealth strategy for you, and the two of you will go over it during your next visit to the Harvest Wealth Partners offices in Northwest Indiana.

Wealth Strategies for Northwest Indiana Residents

Your financial planner will design a one-of-a-kind wealth strategy that is designed to meet your financial goals and is attainable. We are here to protect and grow your financial assets, so you can depend on them when you need them and when your children and your children’s children need them. The wealth strategy will be determined after we discuss your sources of income, your current cash on hand, your 401k or pension, your insurance policies, your assets, and your debts.

After that discussion, we will tailor a financial plan that fits your needs. Your wealth management strategy will include some of the following financial acumens:

  • Investment planning – If you are looking to grow your wealth and want to invest in higher risk and higher return products, you can select from real estate investment, venture capital, short-term loans and more. We will only invest your money in products that have an upside. A sound financial planner is worth every penny when you are creating a sound investment strategy.
  • Insurance planning – Your financial advisor will ask you to bring in your insurance policies to review. Upon review, if better products are available on the market, your financial planner will share them with you.
  • Charitable Giving – A financial planner will explain how you can benefit from giving to your favorite charities.
  • Tax Strategies – One of the best assets a financial planner has is the ability to invest in products that reduce the amount of tax you owe. A financial planner at Harvest Wealth Partners, can help you with this scenario.

Make your money work for you. Do yourself a favor and contact a financial planner at Harvest Wealth Partners in Northwest Indiana today.

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Set up an appointment with a financial planner at Harvest Wealth Partners in Northwest Indiana today. Contact us today by sending us a message on our website, calling us at 219-864-5050 or emailing us directly at support@www.harvestwp.com.


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