Northwest Indiana Retirement Planning 

Northwest Indiana Retirement Planning 

Northwest Indiana Retirement Planning 

Northwest Indiana Retirement Planning

Thinking about the day when you’ll no longer be working is very exciting, but it can also cause anxiety in someone who isn’t financially prepared for retirement. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we strongly recommend creating a plan for retirement with the help of a Northwest Indiana retirement planning specialist. To learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our retirement planners, please reach out to us directly by phone or online. 

The Importance of Having a Retirement Plan

Having a retirement plan—and sticking to it—can provide confidence and financial independence long-term. Unfortunately, the reality is that most people in Northwest Indiana don’t have an understanding of how much they’ll really need at the time they retire, let alone how to save that much. Without a robust plan in place, you could be forced to work for many years beyond when you’d like to retire, or you may face financial hardship during your golden years. When you have a retirement plan, you’ll have comfort in knowing exactly what you expect your costs of living to be when you retire, how much you’ll need to support your ideal lifestyle, and how much you should be saving today and in what way. 

Our Northwest Indiana Retirement Planning Services

We offer a full range of robust retirement planning services for our clients living throughout Indiana. Please reach out to us for retirement planning services related to the following: 

  • Navigating different retirement accounts. There are many different ways to save for retirement—some people may simply put money into a savings account with their bank or credit union, whereas others will choose to put money into an investment account. Putting money into an account that is designed for saving for retirement and is tax-advantaged as such is usually the recommended course of action. But, even then, there are decisions to be made between types of retirement savings accounts, such as a 401(k), 403(b), Roth IRA, traditional IRA, SEP account, etc. We can answer all of your questions about retirement accounts. 
  • Determining how much you’ll need during your retirement years. One of the most important things to think about is how much money you’ll need during your retirement years—most people significantly underestimate how much they’ll really need. Based on your lifestyle and cost of living, we can help you to predict how much you’ll need annually once you retire. 
  • Creating a savings strategy. Once you know how much you’ll need, the next thing is figuring out how much you need to start putting away right now to meet your retirement goal. We can aid with this by recommending exactly how much you should be saving and in what format. 
  • Helping you decide at what age to retire. You may be torn on when you should stop working. The answer to this will depend on your personal goals, how collecting retirement benefits will impact your finances, and how much you’ve saved for retirement. 
  • Answer questions about various retirement benefits, like Social Security. Our team can also answer your questions about how collecting various retirement benefits, such as Social Security retirement benefits, will factor into your finances and your retirement plan. 

Reach Out to Us Today for Retirement Planning Services You Can Value

To learn more about the Northwest Indiana retirement planning services offered by our professionals at Harvest Wealth Partners, please call us directly or send us a message online.


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