Retirement Planning Services Merrillville 

Retirement Planning Services Merrillville 

Retirement Planning Services Merrillville 

Retirement Planning Services Merrillville

Depending on whether you’re 25 or 55, your thoughts about retirement may look completely different. Regardless of your age, though, one thing is certain: you need a solid retirement plan in place. Unfortunately, most people don’t start thinking about retirement until it’s too late in the game and saving what they need in a short amount of time will be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, our team at Harvest Wealth Partners offers comprehensive retirement planning services. Merrillville clients of all ages and stages of life can benefit from our honest and straightforward advice. Call today to learn more.

Types of Retirement Planning Services We Offer

At Harvest Wealth Partners, we know that the sooner you start thinking about and planning for retirement, the better. When you work with our team, we can answer all of your questions about retirement planning and help you to identify your goals for retirement, as well as how much money you’ll need to meet those goals. Our services include:

  • Guiding you through different types of retirement plans. We can guide you through the various types of retirement plans that exist, including SEP accounts, IRAs and Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, pension plans, and personal savings and investment accounts. 
  • Answering your questions about how much you’ll need. Many people don’t realize that they’ll need a lot of money to retire; in fact, most people will need over $1 million to retire comfortably. We’ll help you understand how much you’ll need and how to save it. 
  • Answering your questions about insurance and healthcare. In addition to merely saving for retirement, you’ll need to think about things like health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance as part of your long-term planning, too. 
  • Making sense of Social Security benefits. Collecting Social Security benefits can be a key piece of your post-retirement income. But do you know how much you’ll earn in Social Security, or at which age you should start collecting benefits? We’ll answer your questions and help you to develop a strategy that may work best for your financial needs. We’ll also guide you through how Medicare could impact your retirement plan.

Do I Really Need to Work with a Retirement Financial Planning Professional?

As stated, most people have no idea how much they’ll really need for retirement or how they’ll get there. When you work with an experienced professional, you have someone on your side whose job it is to make sure that you have an understanding of your current and future finances. Working with a professional can give you financial confidence and comfort that you’re on track to address your goals. If you are unfamiliar with different types of retirement accounts, aren’t sure how Social Security retirement benefits work, or don’t know how much you should save or where you should save your money, working with a professional is strongly recommended.

Call Our Team for Retirement Planning Services in Merrillville Today

If you have questions about the retirement planning services, Merrillville, that are offered by the experienced professionals at Harvest Wealth Partners, please call us directly. We offer free initial consultations and are happy to answer any questions that you have before you hire us. To learn more or make your first appointment, call our team directly or send us a message online at your convenience. We are here to support you. 


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