St. John Investment Advisor Representative

St. John Investment Advisor Representative

St. John Investment Advisor Representative

St. John Investment Advisor Representative

In today’s world, putting money towards investments is something everyone can do–no longer is this an inaccessible practice that’s reserved only for the rich and famous. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we know that investing can be part of a smart, long-term financial strategy that supports wealth management and growth. For those who are unfamiliar with investing and want the support and insight of a trained professional, our St. John investment advisor representatives are available. To learn more, please call our office directly today.

What Are the Advantages of Investing?

Investing is something that nearly everyone should be doing, as putting money towards investments has numerous benefits. Some of the potential benefits of investing include:

  • Long-term returns. While there is no guarantee that your cash will grow over time, in the long-term, it is likely that your money can earn more than it would just by sitting in a savings account. Sometimes, a lot more. Consider, too, that with interest rates so low today, it will be difficult to find a savings account that will provide a return that’s more than the current rate of inflation; investing can remedy that. 
  • Regular income after retirement. Depending upon the types of investments that you make, the money that you invest now can serve as a source of regular income when you’re retired and no longer working.
  • Your investments aren’t fixed. Another reason that investing is beneficial is that unlike a bill you have to pay each month–such as your mortgage or utilities–how much you save for investment is up to you. You can invest any amount of money that you want depending on your financial plans and budget. 

What Does an Investment Advisor Representative Do?

If investing sounds intriguing to you but you’re not sure where to start, consider calling one of our investment advisor representatives in St. John. Our investment advisor representatives will answer all of your questions about the process of investing, including the different types of investment accounts, investing for now vs. retirement, how much to put away in investment, and more. An investment advisor can even handle your investments for you by choosing where you should invest and advising on your needs and financial goals. 

While financial advisor representatives and investment advisor representatives are often confused as being the same type of professional, there are some distinctions. An investment advisor representative has a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means that they are legally obligated to work in their clients’ best interests, not their own. Additionally, most investment advisor representatives’ fee structure is based on a percentage of their clients’ assets. 

Call Our St. John Investment Advisor Representatives Today

If you are thinking about investing and want to plan for your future, it’s time to meet with a St. John investment advisor representative. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we never want you to feel pressured to work with us or make financial decisions that don’t work for you, which is why we offer initial consultations free of charge. To set up your first information meeting with one of our financial advisors today, please call us or send us a message directly. We are here for you. 


All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.


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