Whiting Certified Financial Planners™

Whiting Certified Financial Planners™

Whiting Certified Financial Planners™

Whiting Certified Financial Planners™

Managing your money isn’t just about keeping track of your income and expenses – it’s about knowing how much you have and what your financial future will look like. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we believe in the power of creating a financial plan. For guidance and assistance along the way, our Whiting Certified Financial Planners™ are here to help you. Reach us today to learn more about creating a financial plan and the many services we offer. 

What Is a Certified Financial Planner™?

A Certified Financial Planner™, or CFP®, is more than just a financial advisor – a CFP® only earns the designation and certification after meeting requirements in four different areas: professional ethics, formal education, professional experience, and CFP® exam performance.

Once a professional earns the title of CFP®, they are considered to be a trusted source of information in various financial areas, including:

Who Needs a Whiting Certified Financial Planner™?

Working with a Whiting CFP® can be a smart move, even if you consider yourself to be of average (or below average) wealth. This is because there is no wrong time to create a financial plan and start investing in your own financial future. In fact, just the opposite is true – the sooner that you start thinking about ways to encourage your money to work for you, the more peace of mind and financial security you’re likely to have. That being said, working with a CFP® may be especially helpful if:

  • You are thinking about retiring in the next 10 years or less;
  • You want to invest in real estate (buy a home);
  • You are a small business owner;
  • You are planning on expanding your family or are going through another life change (such as a divorce); or 
  • You have recently inherited or otherwise incurred a large sum of money.  

What to Expect When You Work with Our Whiting Certified Financial Planners™

Our Certified Financial Planners™ have the experience, reputation, and skill set that you would expect from a financial professional. When you work with us, you can count on honesty and transparency, as well as a commitment to creating a financial plan that is tailored to you. Our goal is not only to make sure that you feel secure in your financial future, but also that you feel comfortable working with our team. As such, we always begin our new client process with a free initial meeting where we can learn more about your financial picture, and you can learn more about our team and our services. 

You should expect comprehensive services that are based on your needs. We offer retirement planning services, tax and estate planning services, 401(k) and mutual fund services, pension plan services, long-term care and disability insurance planning services, and more. Our services can be as hands-on and involved as you are comfortable with – we can even manage your investments and accounts for you. 

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To learn more about our CFPs® and how we can be of service, please reach out to us today by phone, email, or online. Working with a Whiting Certified Financial Planner™ may be exactly what you need to help you meet your financial goals.


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