Whiting Financial Advisor

Whiting Financial Advisor

Whiting Financial Advisor

Whiting Financial Advisor

Home the largest oil refinery in the Midwest, the majority of people who live in Whiting do so because of the employment opportunities and the proximity to Chicago. The city also boasts five parks, making it an attractive option for families. To be sure, a large percentage of people in Whiting are married with children under 18 years of age. There is also a large demographic of female households (no husband present).

Parents, single mothers, families, middle-aged persons, and retirees living in Whiting can all benefit from a consultation with a Whiting financial advisor from our firm. Regardless of your wealth level, we can help you to create a plan for the future that not only covers the basics, but also seeks to make your money work for you and provide you with financial peace of mind.

Financial Planning Services in Whiting

We help both individuals and businesses throughout Whiting understand their financial picture and make smart financial choices. For businesses, we offer valuation services, continuation plan services, exit strategy planning, wealth projection services, and employee benefit program guidance. For individuals, our services include:

  • Investment strategies as they pertain to 401(k)s, securities, mutual funds, and more;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Basic savings and life-planning (i.e. having a baby, saving for college, buying a home, etc.);
  • Estate planning;
  • BP Whiting Refinery pension plan participant services;
  • Private wealth strategies;
  • Long-term care and disability planning; and
  • More.

We want to provide you with the services you’re looking for, whether you need comprehensive guidance regarding your investments or help understanding your long-term financial needs and creating a budget.

Work with Experienced Experts in the Industry

When you choose Harvest Wealth Partners for your financing planning needs, you are choosing experienced experts in the industry. To be sure, our team is comprised of Certified Financial Planners and Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs), all of whom have put in hours upon hours of work in the financial industry in order to become experts in their respective fields. We know the impact that a financial plan–or a lack thereof–can have on your personal life, and we understand how stressful money can be. We want to help alleviate stress and offer you more confidence when it comes to managing your finances. We are fiduciaries, which means that you can trust us to always operate with your best interests at heart.

Start the New Client Process Today

Starting the new client process is straightforward, and begins when you call our office or contact us online. We begin with an introduction where we can learn a little bit more about your financial picture and your financial needs. This introduction is offered free of charge.

Next, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your finances in order to truly get the full picture. From there, we will develop a strategy that is personalized to you. Then, we implement a smooth transition process that allows us to manage your assets, as well as the implementation of the financial strategy that we’ve agreed upon.

Throughout the process, we remain accessible and available, and can answer your questions at any point.

Work with Our Whiting Financial Advisors Today

Managing your own finances can be challenging to do. As you think about the future, don’t overlook the value of working with a Whiting financial advisor. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we are ready to serve you. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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