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There’s Never a Bad Time to Put Together a Financial Plan for Your Future

While money may not buy happiness, there’s one thing that’s certain: money can improve one’s quality of life, offer peace of mind, and overall make things a whole lot easier and more comfortable. That being said, poor money management can have the opposite effect, leading to worries about retirement planning, buying a home, paying down debts, and providing for oneself and one’s family in the future.

Fortunately, there is relief in sight. When you work with a financial planner in Winfield, you can not only get answers to all of your tough financial questions but also gain more insight and understanding as to how to make your money work for you. Call Harvest Wealth Partners today for a consultation with one of our talented Winfield financial planners.

Why Work with a Financial Planner?

Whether you have a very intricate and complex financial situation (i.e. you own a business or have multiple streams of revenue) or you are just an average Joe trying to make smart financial decisions, working with a financial planner can serve you well. Indeed, when you work with our Winfield financial planning team, we will provide solutions that are customized to you. We look at your goals for the future and create a plan that is based on your needs and wants for your economic picture. Some considerations that we include when making your financial plan are:

  • Your retirement goals – When do you want to retire? How much money do you currently have saved? How much can you set away per month for retirement, starting now? What do you want retirement to look like (i.e. living on a budget or extravagance and vacations)?
  • Your personal goals – Do you want to have children in the future? Do you plan to set aside money for these kids’ weddings, college educations, or other expenses? Do you want to buy a home or make another investment? Are you a business owner or a potential business owner?
  • Your income, assets, and liabilities – In any financial plan, looking at how much money you have coming in is one of the most foundational elements of plan creation. We will also consider any debts that you have, and how you can pay these debts off in the fastest, most effective way.
  • Your preferences – Some people are comfortable with an aggressive investment strategy that takes bigger risks at the opportunity of larger gains; others are not. We listen to you to learn what your preferences are, and explain your options based on those preferences.

Our Winfield Financial Professionals Are Ready to Serve You

If you live in Winfield, today’s the day that you can take the first steps towards improving your financial future. To get started, call our financial professionals directly at 219-864-5050 or send us a message telling us more about the financial planning services you’re looking for. We provide customized financial services that help you meet your goals and maximize your wealth, and initial consultations are always offered free of charge.


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