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For small businesses throughout the state of Indiana, having a strategic business plan in place is a critical element of business success. However, a large percentage of businesses fail to have blueprints as they pertain to things like business succession planning and exit strategies, wealth management, and business continuation. At Harvest Wealth Partners, our experienced financial planning professionals can guide your business through the elements of creating a strategy that strives to help enhance business wealth and stability.

Our Business Planning Services

We offer myriad business planning services to our customers throughout the state of Indiana, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach is never the ideal method for helping businesses plan for their futures. When you work with us, we provide flexible, customized plans that are targeted to your business’ unique needs and goals. Our business planning services include:

  • Succession planning and exit strategies. Whatever stage your business is at, it’s likely that you’re focused on the continued growth of your business, not the day where you may sell it or pass it on to someone else. But having a plan in place for what will become of your business when you no longer want–or no longer are able–to manage it is important. We can help you to put in place a sound exit strategy, such as passing the business to a family member or other successor, transferring ownership via buyout, or selling the business to an unrelated party.
  • Business continuation. Planning for business continuation, or business continuity, is the process of putting plans and strategies in place for mitigating threats to the business and managing threats should they surface. We review strategies that can help you to protect your business should a number of contingencies or issues arise.
  • Wealth management. Without a strong wealth management plan in place, all that you have worked for can be lost in an instant. Not only do you need to be aware of potential market changes, but lawsuits and liability issues as well – if you are sued, you could lose an entire lifetime’s worth of assets if you do not have a well-designed insurance strategy. We help you to understand your options for wealth management including changing business type (LLC, partnership, etc.), investing in liability insurance, employing liability waivers, putting assets in a trust, investing money into your employer-sponsored retirement plan, and more.
  • Employee benefit programs. If your business has employees, it is important that you understand how to manage benefits for these employees effectively and the role that employee benefit programs play in your company. We help you to understand your business’ benefits objective and budget, determine employee needs, and create a benefit plan program that provides advantages to both your business and your employees.

In addition to the above service, we can also help your business create compensation plans for executives, design corporate retirement plans, and understand investment options.

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Planning for a business’ financial success is a complicated matter, and a task that should not be embarked upon without the help of an experienced professional. At Harvest Wealth Partners, we have the business planning professionals and know-how you can depend upon. To meet with us for an initial conversation at no cost to you to discuss your business’ needs, please call us today.


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