Services for Individuals

Services for Individuals

No matter who you are, one thing is certainly true: as you age, you will need money in order to maintain your health, quality of life, and enjoyment. That’s where our team at Harvest Financial Planning, LLC comes in – we provide comprehensive financial planning services for individuals like you in Schererville and surrounding areas of Indiana.

When you work with Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we’ll work hard to encompass every part of your life into your financial plan for the future. We are here to accurately answer your tough questions about savings, investments, and how much money you may need in the future, and develop a wealth management strategy that is customized to your needs.

Our Financial Services for Individuals

We provide a full range of financial services for individuals in our state. Please contact us directly to learn more about our services.

  • Private wealth strategies. Understanding your options for protecting, managing, and increasing your wealth can be complicated. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we develop comprehensive plans that are designed to inflate our clients’ existing wealth. We work with business owners, privately wealthy individuals, families, those who have recently inherited wealth, and more.
  • Pensions plans. A pension plan is a type of retirement fund that is maintained by an employer. When you retire, the fund is designed to provide you with a fixed payout. Whether you have a pension plan or not, it is important to understand how your pension fund–or lack thereof–will fit into your greater retirement plan and future life goals.
  • Retirement planning. A pension plan is just one small part of planning for retirement, and just one of the many retirement planning services we offer. Our financial professionals also will help you to understand your retirement goals, including how much money you will need for retirement and when you want to retire, how to start saving now for retirement, and the best types of retirement saving options. We can also help you to plan for unseen expenses, such as emergency healthcare in the future.
  • 401(k) plans, mutual funds, and securities. On the surface, 401(k)s and mutual funds may appear to be very similar, but they are actually quite different. A 401(k) is one of the most basic types of retirement savings accounts, and money within your 401(k) will have the opportunity to increase without you having to pay taxes each year on earned interest. A mutual fund, on the other hand, is a type of investment product that is used to invest in securities. We can guide you through the differences, benefits of each, and how to make the smartest move for your future.
  • Life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance. There are a lot of insurance options out there that are designed to provide you or your loved ones with financial benefit in the event that you suffer a disability or health event, or if you require long-term care or die. Understanding which policy is right for you can be tough – we assist you in making sense of it all.

In addition to the above, we can also guide clients through planning for big life events, and planning for those with special needs. Investing in mutual funds involves risks, including possible loss of principal.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Financial Services for Individuals

Protecting your wealth is an important part of protecting your future. At Harvest Financial Planning, LLC, we understand this, which is why we provide each client with individualized, personalized, and customized attention. If you are ready to learn more about how to prepare yourself economically and ensure that you and your family will be provided for over the years, contact us today. You can reach us today at our Schererville office by calling 219-864-5050.

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