Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Protect Your Wealth with Harvest Wealth Partners’ Estate Planning Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management Strategies

We offer comprehensive wealth management services to help you protect your wealth and secure your legacy. Our team of wealth managers works to ensure that your goals are fully integrated with your financial plan. We provide personalized guidance on estate planning strategies to help ensure that your wishes regarding your assets are carried out.

Our wealth managers can analyze your current estate plan and recommend strategies that outline your decisions for the dispersal of your assets. We will provide tailored advice to help ensure that your wishes are clear and to minimize taxes and other costs associated with estate planning. If gaps in your estate plan are identified, we offer guidance on how to best align your estate plan with your goals. Creating or altering estate planning documents may require working with an attorney. 

Guidance on Trusts

Irrevocable and revocable trusts each offer important benefits for helping you manage your assets, and we can discuss these estate planning options with you. For example, irrevocable trusts may help protect certain assets from creditors, while revocable trusts can help you manage your assets after your death. At Harvest Wealth Partners, our wealth managers can provide tailored advice to help you determine if a trust is the right option for you and your family.

When estate planning, it’s important to realize that there are many different types of trusts that could be used to protect and provide for your estate strategy. A customized trust often helps preserve financial assets while setting up future inheritors and beneficiaries. Revocable trusts let estate owners update or revoke provisions at any point before their death, whereas irrevocable trusts are set in stone after creation. Special needs trusts can also be established to care for individuals with physical or mental disabilities in a legal manner that preserves government benefits. Several other types of custom trusts are available, such as charitable lead trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, grantor-retained annuity trusts, and certain tax-deferred options. Our wealth managers can review various estate planning strategies with you and help you determine if a trust best fits your needs to help you provide the most secure future possible.

Durable Powers of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is a legal document that designates a trusted person to handle your affairs in the event that you are incapacitated. This document will help ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes and can provide you confidence in knowing that you have a qualified person to handle your affairs. Our team can help you identify if you have need for a durable power of attorney and recommend steps to take in creating this important planning tool.

Trust and Estate Planning Advice

The team at Harvest Wealth Partners understands that building a more secure financial future for your loved ones often requires consideration of how your assets will be managed or distributed after your passing. Our wealth managers provide comprehensive advice on trust and estate planning. We offer personalized advice tailored to your individual needs and goals, helping you create a plan that best fits your lifestyle. We provide personalized advice on topics such as tax planning, asset protection, and succession planning to help with the security of your state. To learn more about our estate planning guidance, contact our team today.

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